BEM methodology


BEM methodology was invented at Yandex to develop sites which should be launched fast and supported for a long time. It helps to create extendable and reusable interface components.

Every web developer meets the same problems

These problems are solved by BEM methodology,
a development approach allowing to achieve flexible and maintainable code.

BEM provides the same rules to achieve code consistency

Common approach for all technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, docs, tests, etc.

Grow and scale your codebase

Code grows following predefined rules.

Promote reuse

Most projects use the same components. Code reuse significantly reduces price and time of development.

Increase productivity

Simplicity of updates and scalability increases productivity.

Team work

Common terminology provides ability for developers to rapidly switch projects — everything is familiar.

Do less, get more

Common rules help to automate process. Code may be partially autogenerated.

Suitable for any programming language or any framework

Methodology provides language agnostic practices to increase code reliability and reuse.

Easy to learn

You can read all the methodology during your morning coffee.

Experts recommend BEM

Companies use BEM